What makes a Linki?


Physical object

Of any material.
Size 9x9cm.
Thickness maximum 4mm.
(3.54" x 3.54" x 0.157")

Phishing Detect

NFC tag

Includes a NFC tag.
QR-code and
written URL recommended.

Smart Scan

Online content

Links to an internet resource
that is presentable as URL.

How it works?


Get a linki!

Buy a release or create your own.

Phishing Detect

Scan it!

Scan NFC or QR-code
with your smartphone!

(Typing the URL in computer also works)

Smart Scan

Play it!

Music or video is played
or website is opened!


The first version of specifications of the standard
to define a linki is released.
Proposals welcome!

Open in Github
Take a look inside


There are many use cases for the format which go beyond traditional physical medium. Below you see some examples what
is possible with a dynamic internet-driven physical format.

Safe and reliable



Album release

Phyical release for album in Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc

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DJ mixtape

Music mixes in Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc

Smart Scan

Live concert release

Sold during live concert and uploaded the next day.


Music video release

Physical release of a video in Youtube, Vimeo etc

Phishing Detect

Yearly subscription

Dynamic release for new music from an artist for one year. Links to Soundcloud playlist.

Smart Scan

Download code

Accompanies CD or vinyl for a digital download.



Film release

Links to full video in private server or Youtube, Vimeo.

Phishing Detect


Promotional item linking to a trailer.

Smart Scan

Youtube Subscription

Premium product for a Youtube channel's fans.

Home use


Music playlists

Shortcuts to favourite music.

Phishing Detect

Radio streams

Shortcuts for radio streams.

Smart Scan

Video playlists

Shortcuts for favourite Youtube channels.




Sell or promote web apps as physical products.

Phishing Detect


Artist release shares of performances, video, installation etc.

Smart Scan


Promote portfolios of artists, musicians, etc

Linki Players

Linkidrive is a device that is able to create, play and organize the linkies. The design, software and hardware is open source, so anybody can create their own version.

Project in Github
Safe and reliable

Making a linki

You can make your own linkies with no strings attached to use.

We are also can produce custom linkies. The price of a linki depends on the physical material, printing quality, packaging, quantity. The basic element of NFC tag costs about 0.20€. As an example a full color printed plywood linki with a NFC tag costs approximately 3€ each to produce for 25 copies.

We also organize workshops or do advisory work to help creating the professional linkies.

Currently there are no other producers of linkies, but all new producers are welcome to join!

Contact us
Take a look inside

Contact Us

Linki standard is initiated by artist Timo Toots
and developed by his Studio MAAJAAM
based in Estonia.

The standard is released under
Creative Commons CC-BY license.